What is the FAMM Collective?

The FAMM Collective is a distributed studio of artists, designers and makers from many countries. Our objective is to produce limited edition, high quality art on high quality media in the form of contemporary wearables, including apparel, jewellery, objects d’art and soft furnishings.

Our apparel is for people who want to wear Art and look good doing it.

Our aim is to light up some new synapses, in the best way possible.

Who is behind the FAMM Collective?

The FAMM Collective was formed by four artists with over 120 years experience in fine art, graphic design, illustration, video production, photography, sculpture and jewellery.

We are based in Ipswich, Australia.

Our Core Values

FAMM Collective is an ethical company. We only use GOTS certified 100% organic cotton for our apparel, recycled metals for our jewellery and biodegradable materials for shipping.

FAMM Collective works collaboratively with invited artists to help them grow with us and reach new creative heights.

We are a family-owned business. We pay our workers a fair wage and our artists an equitable share of the profits from all sales.

FAMM Collective will never produce products that embody racism, sexism, ageism or gender disparagement in any form.