Fine Silver, 22kt Gold and Amethyst Sepulchre Ring of Stag Beetle

  • Azulie Sepulchre Collection, fine silver, 22kt gold and faceted amethyst handmade cicada ring

Fine Silver, 22kt Gold and Amethyst Sepulchre Ring of Stag Beetle


Sepulchre Collection by Azulie

This dramatic sepulchre ring features a real stag beetle. Handmade in fine silver, the pincers are 22kt gold vermeil with an untreated tear drop faceted amethyst set between them. The remains of the beetle are contained within, making this ring as unique as the specimen itself.

This piece is from the Azulie Sepulchre Collection. Each piece is unique, featuring botanical and insect specimens. The technique used to make these pieces cremates the specimen, encasing its remains inside.

Many of the specimens are found locally, while a selection are sourced from ethical insect farms where they live out their natural lifecycle on protected land.

This piece is made to order in the ring size of your choice. Please allow 4 weeks for the ring to be made plus shipping time.

This ring is limited edition to only five. It comes packaged with a numbered and signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Weight: approx 8gms

Beetle details:
Length: 40mm
Width: 13mm
Depth: 8mm
Weight: 8g
Stag Beetle Species: Cyclommatus canaliculatus freygesseneri (Java)

Sepulchre "SEP-ul-ker"

The word, 'sepulchre' in its true context means a small room or monument, cut in rock or built of stone, in which a dead person is laid or buried.

In the context of this jewellery collection, the tomb is the piece of jewellery, which encases the cremated remains of the insect.

Made in Ipswich, Australia


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